Business Principles.

Merfish Pipe & Supply
Principles of Business
(Or more commonly referred to as Abe’s and Nathan’s Policies)
•             Treat others as you would want them to treat you.
•             We will do everything with integrity and honesty.
•             Keep substantial inventory, as we cannot sell from an empty wagon-  we are our customer’s one stop source for steel pipe.
•             The most valuable part of our business is our employees.  Anyone can buy pipe and a building but our employees make us special.
•             Create a stable company so employees feel secure and customers count on you.
•             It is okay to lose an order but never lose a customer.
•             Look at decisions with a long-term perspective.
•             Do not go to your customer’s customer –honor the long established routes of distribution.
•             Pay what you owe on time.  Meet your financial obligations.
•             Guard and protect your reputation by being honest even when it is painful.
•             Listen closely to the customer and fulfill their needs.
•             Deliver the pipe at the price you quote and when the customer wants it.
•             Let your customers and vendors know how important they are to you.
•             Go out of your way to do something special for your customer without expectation of getting anything in return.
•             Be environmentally conscious. We have only one environment and must treat it with care.
•             Each of us has the responsibility to share our success with those less fortunate.

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